Sunday, May 1, 2011

My prince is taking me home today

Nancy, and everyone...

I am of course deeply touched by your very lovely note. I feel very seen and appreciated, and I love you very much.

For everyone else who has been on this journey with us, I want you to know that we are indeed home since Friday evening, and everything has gone very well through our first weekend. I had to harangue a few people to get Nancy's intravenous electrolytes and equipment delivered on Saturday, but it happened, and we are now holding our own medical journey. Nancy takes various meds at five different times throughout the day, starting at 6am. She also gets an IV for two hours, and several of us are all trained in the sterile procedures required to deliver the IV and flush and care for Nancy's Hickman catheter. Nancy's been on a couple of walks, still tires easily, and has to heavily protect herself from the sun because one drug makes her very sensitive to UV. All is going as well or better than I hoped.

We've also had the pleasure of a few visitors, fixing dinner together, and I even had a few hours off last night to go listen to live music for the first time in many months. Some of you have been volunteering to help, and I really appreciate you. With your assistance, we have 24x7 coverage set up through May.

For those of us at Nancy's ritual four weeks ago, here is a Red Thread update. Mine fell off yesterday. Apparently it was time for mine to go, in fact, I don't know where it went! In Buddhist tradition, the Thread is left on our wrists until it falls off of it's own accord. Nancy's journey has many weeks and months to go, so I ask you to allow your thread to find it's own ending. When it's time, it will break, disappear, untie, or whatever it needs to do.


On Apr 29, 2011, at 4:49 PM, Nancy Jones wrote:

> All,


> Today Prince William and Katherine Middleton are celebrating their royal wedding day and Tom and I will be celebrating my return home. Tom is picking me up @ 6:00 pm and I will begin a long recovery process @ home.


> Tom, this e-mail is for you. I want to thank you for being the rock that has held me through this cancer journey. I will never doubt your love and commitment to our vows. I know this journey has been especially difficult for you; caring for me, our pets, your mother, working everyday and juggling our finances. You have given " keeper of the flame " new meaning.


> I love and appreciate you,

> Nancy

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