Friday, October 28, 2011

Out of control (day 3)

Hi, everyone.

Nancy is stable and comfortable and sleeping, and her infection is still out of control. She was very groggy this morning when I arrived, not really lucid, and was not on any pain meds, so the ICU staff is pretty sure that the infection was causing her lack of awareness. Her atrial fib is gone, her pulse is a steady 105-110, blood pressure and everything else is good. The exact strain of infection was identified early this afternoon, and they switched from IV vancomycin to a harder-hitting, more appropriate antibiotic. I think she is now on nafcillin.

After we discussed options, we agreed that the best thing to do right now was to give her a breathing tube, and a mild dose of anesthetic to keep her sleeping. She had a second MRI early this afternoon to get an image of the entire spinal abscess, and they are doing an echocardiogram to make sure the infection has not impacted her heart valves.

So the antibiotic should make a difference by midday tomorrow, and she should be getting her abscess drained tomorrow. Right now, we just have to wait. I've gone in to work for a few hours, and will be spending the evening back at the hospital. No other visitors are allowed in the ICU, and no cell phones either, so I'll be restricted to email.

Yes, this is scary. I don't expect any change in her condition today, but if there is, I will let you know.


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