Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The trials of GVHD


Here is a brief update from my last note, a couple of weeks ago. Nancy started treatment for GVHD, and she's gradually getting better. It did not respond as quickly as we all hoped, so her dose of prednisone got bumped up last week to 90mg per day, and now the rash is going away

I can't speak for her, but for me, it's a little odd how I've become accustomed to all of this. She still has a Hickman catheter installed in her shoulder, which we dutifully flush each day, a little 5-minute sterile ritual. She looks like she got a bad sunburn on her face and chest and shoulders, a little unusual, but not enough that you would look twice if you saw her on the street. I'm impressed that she hasn't had a complete melt down, as the rash was very itchy and uncomfortable (and everywhere on her body) for the first week.

In fact, our relationship seems better than ever, and we're (mostly) being very kind to each other :-)

At her clinic visit today, they may decide to finally remove the catheter, which will be a significant milestone. And she's generally feeling pretty good, preparing to go on a 10-day retreat in Arizona beginning later this week. I too am going to take some vacation. We both need down time.


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