Friday, January 28, 2011

Become a bone marrow donor


I've set up an easy online link if you are willing to become a bone marrow donor. Nancy's life will ultimately depend on getting a compatible marrow donation. Please -- seriously consider this.

The process is easy, but requires your willingness to donate your marrow. You also have to be in good health, and 18-60 years of age. It is unlikely that you will ever become a donor (I've been in the system 20 years without getting matched). However, if you are matched, you may very well save someone's life.

Getting typed is as simple as filling out some forms on the web, getting a kit by mail, swabbing your cheek, and mailing the kit back. Marrow donation itself -- if you ever get matched -- is not a big surgical procedure, nor is it especially uncomfortable. There are details on the web site.

Here is what to do to become a donor:

        • Click the link

        • Fill out the online consent

        • Make a voluntary donation (optional, it costs $55 to do the lab testing).

        • A swab kit will be mailed to you within about 48 hours.

        • Swab your inner cheek with 4 swabs (instructions are in the package).

        • Mail the swabs back in the envelope provided.

        • You will be mailed a confirmation letter in the mail in a couple of months.

        • That’s it!

If you would like to donate to the National Marrow Donor Program, the non-profit that is doing this, you can go to to make a donation. I’ve set up a page for her there.

Please feel free to forward this email on to others. Folks can contact me directly if they have questions.

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