Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waiting...with many hats

Nancy's first round of chemotherapy ended today, and now we have a 1-week break (in the hospital) before the next stage of treatment. There's little other medical news, except that a spinal tap shows her spinal fluid clear of leukemia cells. We're still waiting for the cytogenetic analysis of her bone marrow, to tell us which kind of AML she has.

Her in-laws have been visiting her father this week, as her stepmother Vangie is in a skilled nursing facility. Janet & her brothers sent a lovely gift: Nancy now has a serious assortment of head gear, scarves, kerchiefs, turbans, plus a couple of Vangie's "garden club" hats. Our friend Michelle came over and cut her hair yesterday, so she now has a short (dare I say pixie-tomboy?) haircut something like I've seen on her from pictures taken in her 20's. She's going to have a different look in a week, and I have to admit, part of me is anticipating the transformation. Who am I really married to, anyway?

She's very solid and present, a bit tired, not eating as much. Come to think of it, that describes both of us, although I still tend to be a little gloomier than she is. Some of that is just the fatigue, my restless mind keeping me from sleeping a full night. Perhaps I've found a bullet to bite in my music collection. I'm listening to the Allman Brothers as I pay bills and write this... "I need your love so bad".

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