Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First update, no news yet

Thanks for all your wishes, prayers, kindness. Nancy is sleeping as I'm doing logistics stuff on my computer in her darkened hospital room. I just had to do the first update on 1/11/11, even though we have no test results yet. I hope to have some news tomorrow.

She's bounced back quickly with all the transfusions, and is getting some strength back after spending most of the last month in bed. Today was a battery of tests, including a bone marrow biopsy from her hip, EKG, ultrasound, eye exam.

The hospital and staff are amazing. Great nurses, people that are bright, well-trained, motivated, "present" in a buddhist sort of way. The doctors work as a team, so it's like support from Apollo Mission Control. The first doc we talked to is about 30, an MD, Ph.D, does research 50% of the time, clinical 50%, asked great questions, listened carefully, examined compassionately, gave us lots of time to ask questions. She has a private room that's quite nice, and the food is even good.

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