Sunday, January 16, 2011

A night in the hospital

Hi, friends.

I have little actual news to share, except that we are having a good weekend together. We are still waiting for the cytogenetic analysis of Nancy's cancer. As her sister Janet says, "pray for M3".

It is the fourth day she is getting chemo, and it's starting to have an impact. This is infusion chemo, cytarabine and daunorubicin, so she has an IV cart, her ever-present companion, that we've named "Wally". She is doing well, and looks fine, but is feeling a bit more tired and subdued. We had a series of a half-dozen visitors yesterday, plus more than a dozen phone calls, so it was all a bit fatiguing.

Our friend Marianne is taking care of our german shepherd, so I’m happy to say that I get to spend the entire weekend here. I slept in her room last night, where there is a sleeper chair that’s reasonably comfortable, and we also spent half the night cuddled together on her bed. Nancy said this morning that it’s the best night of sleep she’s gotten here so far.

The hospital is quiet at night, but the room is full of subtle noises. The building ventilation sighs, and we can hear some roof machinery outside. Wally makes a soft chittering noise, and glows with changing LED displays, so I never forget that we are dancing Shiva destruction in her system, the leukemic cells dying off. By the way, a good article on AML is at

This morning the world is gone outside, as the hospital floats in a sea of dense fog. Nancy’s looking forward to the NFL playoff games on TV and seeing her nephew and sister-in-law today.

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