Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi everyone.

We finally got the news we didn't want this evening. Nancy has leukemia. Specifically, it's acute myeloid leukemia. Further testing on her biopsy over the next few days will tell us more. It's treatable, and the recovery rate will depend on the specific genetic signature of her cancer. Some kinds have very high recovery rates, and some don't.

So she is starting chemotherapy tomorrow, and we have about 4 weeks of that ahead. Her doctor said that it's a good sign that she survived such a severe anemia without having heart problems or other issues, she's strong and in good shape going into the stress of chemotherapy. It's not so good that she got so seriously anemic...we don't know how long she's been ill, but it had to be at least two months.

Nancy is still up for visitors and phone calls. There is a new twist however, she has a skin rash that indicates a sensitivity to chicken pox. It seems odd, but if you've had chicken pox, you can visit. If you have NOT had chicken pox, and have not been vaccinated for chicken pox, then you can't come and visit.

Also, we're moving to a new room, 1163, still on the 11th floor of Long Hospital. It should have better cell phone reception, which will be welcome.

Those of you who know Nancy well also know she has a weakness for cheeseburgers and fries with tons of ketchup. She put in the request, so I walked down to Carl and Cole to BurgerMeister, and got cheeseburgers for dinner. It was darn good.

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