Saturday, January 22, 2011

The end of week two


It's hard to believe that it's been just two weeks since I brought Nancy into the Novato ER, pale, weak, and running a fever. We're a world better off now, but in some ways we've come full circle. Nancy has been weak and running a fever today.

Her fever broke a couple of hours ago, and she is sleeping soundly, so I think we're over the hump. It turns out that it's not uncommon for someone like Nancy, with basically no immune system at the moment, to get an infection from her body's own bacteria. She's on two antibiotics via IV (vancomycin and merrem), and was running 100-103° this afternoon and earlier this evening. But she's back down to 99 at the moment, and I'm relieved.

I'm spending the night, thanks to some help from our friend Margo, who is taking care of our dog this weekend. The hospital has it's usual sounds, someone's IV machine is chiming in the distance, nurses walking by, the occasional cart rolling down the hall. Nancy room has been darkened all evening, and I've been catching up on computer stuff, taking care of financial matters, while she sleeps. Thank god for laptops with illuminated keyboards, and wireless. I'm feeling solid and patient and even fairly well rested.

Still no word on the cytogenetic testing. It will probably be Monday when we find out. Nancy has another bone marrow biopsy scheduled for Wednesday, so we will find out in five or six days if the first round of chemo eliminated the leukemia cells from her marrow.

Thank you for the lovely gifts and cards. We have books on tape, magazines, some new altar objects. Whoever brought the Chai Rooibos tea was thoughtful.

with love,

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