Friday, December 2, 2011

Back to the ICU (day 37)

Well. Things are better since this morning. So I guess this is a day of progress, after a day where we lost a little ground. As my friend George said today, two steps forward, one step back.
Nancy has a UTI, a urinary tract infection, which is another common side effect of being in bed for weeks without potty access. Again, she has 'gram negative rods', again, they're doing a new antibiotic, again, she's responding nicely. She has a mild fever right now, and has been dozing a lot all day, but she's also responsive, with the usual request for a head massage. So the theory is that this infection, along with her exercise a couple of days ago, just pushed her a little over the edge. She is on a mild respiratory boost at the moment, and everyone expects that she will be back to breathing on her own within a day or two. This time, we need to take the physical therapy and usage of the Passy-Muir valve a little slower. The magic word today is "again"; we've seen all this before, although the infection is in a different place.
The ICCU (intensive cardiac care unit) on Moffitt 10 is different than 9ICU where we spent so many weeks. And much the same. Competent nurses, state of the art equipment. But it's quieter here, as the oxygen equipment doesn't make a continuous hissing sound. The main sound is her bed, an air bed with a fan running all the time. Every so often we hear the blood pressure cuff inflate, then there is a beep from the monitor as it figures out her numbers. Pulse 107 BP 99/56, SpO2 100, respiration 13, temp 37.8.
She is sleeping at the moment, prepped to go for an MRI scan of her spine to make sure there is no new abscess. She won't be back until 11 or midnight, so I'll be heading home shortly, as soon as she is taken out of here.

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