Friday, December 16, 2011

More rest and introspection (day 51)

Hello, friends.

Today started a little dramatically, as Nancy's blood pressure was dropping early this morning. Her abscess can "seed" bacteria elsewhere in her body, where her immune system does it's job...and triggers a fever or a change in her heart rate at the same time. By 8:30am, she seemed back to her normal state, and medically, the day has been pretty quiet ever since.

One of her friends brought the lip reader team back this morning, and we had a couple of visits with them, and with our chaplain. We continue to give her opportunities to ask questions, talk about anything she wishes, but as present and alert as she is, so far she hasn't asked for much or talked about much. Nancy will be talkative for a few minutes at a time, then need to rest for a while. So we haven't had a chance to enter an involved or deep conversation yet. I can see how delicate her state is, so I have to practice being very spacious, not asking too many questions, pulling my energy way back so I'm not intrusive. She has asked for some clothes, and I'm bringing some things we can put on her body tomorrow. We have a really beautiful sari, for example, and if I can find it, it will be on her tomorrow. I'm also going to look for some scents and textures, like rose or lavender oil, perhaps silk materials.

I had a few productive hours at work this afternoon, and we've continued to have a lot of quiet, restful time together in her room. Several friends were here for prayers tonight, all women, seems very appropriate. I played an Anugama track called Meditation Ocean tonight for our ritual time.

Hard to believe it's Friday. I'm as adrift in time as she is.


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