Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little progress (day 45)

Hi, everyone.

The good news today is that Nancy got back to pressure-supported breathing this morning, and has been doing it all day with no problems. So perhaps we can work back to using a Passy Muir Valve to speak after all :) She's been more alert, communicating as best as she can, and we're all happy to see it.

All visitors today were family, including Nancy's father, who is 89 years old and bound to a wheelchair. It's been something like four weeks since he last made the trip here from Novato, as it takes several people to move him up and down the exterior stairs in their house. Her sister, brother, niece and cousin have been here all afternoon, and her other niece is dropping by late tonight on her way home from college for the weekend.

We had another meeting with one of her doctors, discussing options and future decisions. He suggested that another MRI will let us see what is happening with the abscess, so that's what we're going to do.

Anugama, Sweetness of the Earth, was the sound track for tonight's prayer circle, which was simple and quiet. One of my oldest, er, longest friends is coming over to spend the night with her tonight. And I'm going to be asleep five minutes after I get home.


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