Friday, December 9, 2011

Somnolence (day 44)

Hello, from the hospital.

Today has been very quiet, as Nancy has been sleeping or dozing nearly the whole day. We've had only a few visitors, plus her sister, brother, niece and cousin, so it hasn't been as tiring as yesterday was. Our friend and neighbor Karen is coming to stay with her tonight, which really helps her sleep. Last night she slept solidly with Sharon keeping watch. It seems important to me that someone is with her all the time now.

The plan was to work Nancy back to using a speaking valve on her trache, but we actually took a step backward today. Yesterday, she was initiating breathing on her own, what they call pressure assisted breathing. Then she went back on full respiratory assist for the night. This morning, the team tried to switch her back to pressure assist, but it was no go. Nancy was not initiating breaths on her own. We will try again tomorrow morning, but it's not a good sign. It's very possible that the nerves that activate her diaphragm have been impacted by the abscess. So we try again tomorrow, and figure out the next step based on her breathing ability.

One of her friends from our mystery school studies came to visit today, and stayed for the 7pm prayer circle. It was lovely to have her participate. She also taught me some acupressure points to work with on Nancy to help with her breathing and general well-being. During the ritual itself, there were several times when Nancy opened her eyes and smiled at us. The music was Anugama, "Healing Earth", and Deuter, "Islands In The Sun".

All medical stuff is doing fine, no new medications, all vitals are perfect. Nancy is motionless and sleeping, with the machines quietly doing their part. I still have a lump in my throat.


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