Thursday, December 8, 2011

A family reunion (day 43)

Tonight is a lightweight report, as I'm needing to get to sleep. I just got home. Another friend is spending the night with her, for which I am very grateful.

Our "big" healing ritual tonight had a lot of people participating, based on the emails I saw. A whole Pathways workshop, a group of buddhist monks, a choir just before practice...and hundreds of friends and family. I wish I could tell you that Nancy was glowing in the dark room or levitating or some such remarkable effect, but in truth...she got itchy about 20 minutes into it. This is not normal, I've never heard her ask to be scratched all over her body, so I take it as a sign that (1) something happened, and (2) it impacted her nervous system, which is in fact where the abscess is. Time will tell. I have complete faith that this is in service to her, and felt a lot of energy moving myself. We will continue doing this each evening at 7pm.

We had visits by about eight family members today, plus a couple of friends and co-workers. So it was a very busy day. This evening, there were six of us in her room, a gross violation of the visiting rules. Nancy's niece and cousin flew out today from Connecticut, so it was a reunion of sorts. She did seem happy to be surrounded by so much family tonight, smiled a good bit, and even asked us to make her laugh.

She spent the day with minimal breathing assist, and was completely comfortable, so tomorrow they will try taking her off of respiratory assist, another step back towards speaking with a Passy-Muir Valve. In all other ways, she is the same, good vital signs, pain managed with narcotics, napping a lot and sleeping reasonably well, cranking out liters of urine. And she is starting to ask more questions, wanting to see her doctor, and try to talk more in general. All good, no matter how you look at it.


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