Friday, November 18, 2011

Downright perky (day 24)

Good evening!

Ah, an exclamation mark. The news must be better, and indeed, today has been a quiet day, with more steady progress. Nancy just looks and feels better. She had another round of dialysis today, to simply remove more fluid, not to cleanse her blood. So she lost another 2 liters (5 lbs), bringing her four-day total to 11.8 liters. Her hands are still puffy, but not like they were at the beginning of the week. And in all other ways, there are small improvements. She is moving her arms a tiny bit now, flexing her knees more, moving her head and shoulders.

I think she produced about 250ml of urine in the last day, still not much, but reasonable given all the dialysis. She's still on Zosyn along with the nafcillin, and I haven't heard anything from the doctors about her secondary infection. Since they are still using the same antibiotic, it must be a common gram-negative bacillus infection that is not resistant, thank god.

She looks downright perky today, telling me that her nurse is great, that I shouldn't squeeze her hand so much, that she wants her head scratched. She still can't talk with the tracheostomy, but is alert enough to enunciate clearly so I can read her lips better. Believe me, it's much harder to read lips when someone is mumbling and half asleep. We're starting to talk about moving her out of the ICU again, in four days or so, if everything continues to go well.

One of our friends left a cooler on our doorstep yesterday, with chili, soup and corn bread. Pretty darn awesome for a late dinner. I'm very grateful.

I was really shaken up by yesterday's cardiac event, but feel much better now that I can see Nancy looking better and better. Also, I've been receiving some wonderful, supportive emails. Thank you all.


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