Saturday, November 26, 2011

Steady progress (day 31)


Again, today was all about steady progress, no big news. Nancy continues to look and feel better, is smiling more and talking more. It's still frustrating to read her lips, for both of us. Her medication levels all seem stable, her pulse, blood pressure and temperature are all good, and she's been awake and watching football all afternoon. Apparently, the word for the day is "all" :-)

Marianne put her into the neuro chair again, and we all enjoyed the million-dollar view on the other side of the ICU, looking north over Golden Gate Park, the bay and bridge, and Marin headlands. Nancy had more fluid removal today via the dialysis machine, and no cramping this time. She's dozing now, which is common after she's been on the machine. Marianne is now mixing up her food formula, which goes into a bag and gets delivered by a separate pump at intervals through her feeding tube.

Babbas (Dr. Andreadis) dropped by and commented on how she is continuing to look better each day. He looks happy; she was having a textbook recovery until she got the infection, and I think he takes her recovery personally. I washed her hair today, and spent some time rubbing moisturizer into her hands and feet. The nurse commented that I could be earning $150 an hour doing that professionally, but it's honestly more fun to do Nancy. I can't imagine providing this kind of care for a living.

Janet and I are the only two visitors that Nancy has had since Wednesday. Friends are dropping by tomorrow afternoon and Monday morning, but there is room for more, if you want to come see her. Just drop me a note if you need more information.


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