Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting out of bed (day 26)

...where it's still around 100°.

Nancy slept well last night, they tell me, as she continues to run a fever. I'd say she continues to look a little better each day, as the swelling goes down. She cranked out about 350ml of urine yesterday, so her kidneys are waking up and going back to work. And she's having ongoing neck pain, getting medication for it.

Today we're watch some football, after a little journey out of the room using a "neuro chair". She's been in here for more than three weeks, and a change of scenery seemed like a good idea. We went out to a window for a while, to watch the large weather, as a Pacific storm comes through. I'm not sure if Nancy thought it was worth the activity and discomfort for a half-hour journey, but I think it was good to move her around.

Her sister-in-law and mother-in-law visited this morning, and I expect her sister will be back later today too. I feel more rested, after watching Cal lose a close game, and getting to bed earlier than usual last night.


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