Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tired and scared and moving soon (day 35)

Good evening.

Nancy is clearing moving into the next phase of her journey here, in several ways. Today she had a lot of physical therapy, including time in the neuro chair by the window, and sitting on the edge of her bed. She's apparently been on the PM valve for most of the day, and she is one tired cookie. When I got here, her first words to me were "they're killing me". I imagine the work with her core muscles and diaphragm are exhausting.

Her voice is a croak, and very soft so I have to lean near to hear her. We also got to talk a little, finally. She has been really paranoid about our relationship, and after I reassured her, she's been very sweet. She's still very fearful of being left alone, for example, she got really frightened when her nurse took her 'lunch' break for an hour last night, and no one came in and checked on her the whole time.

Tomorrow she is going to move to what they call a "step-down" ward, on the 14th floor of Moffitt, 5 floors directly above where she is now. It's a lower level of care than the ICU, so it's a step-up in the sense that Nancy doesn't need the level of critical care she has been getting. But she will need to have someone sitting with her all the time, as she won't have a dedicated nurse. So the hospital will be arranging a 24x7 sitter. All the other things, physical therapy, medications, possible dialysis will continue the same. I believe we can point to this move as the time when Nancy is no longer in critical condition.

This is also a good opportunity to come and visit. Let me know if you plan to come. Several family members will be here tomorrow, and I'll be back in the evening, but Friday morning, and time over the weekend are all open. You don't have to do anything or bring anything, as Nancy is in a sensitized state of existence, like she's been on a long silent retreat. She might want to talk, or not. She might be having physical therapy, or resting. But company would be good., especially if you can hang out for a couple of hours or more.

Got more goodies on my doorstep last night, tangerines and an excellent spicy stew. The six of you who have brought me food are the best, you know who you are. Plus we have housekeeping help every two weeks, and yesterday was the day. So the temple is sparkling clean, and I'm pretty well nourished.


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