Friday, November 25, 2011

Return to spirit (day 30)


Today I'm seeing some of Nancy's spirit. She finally has her head turned to the left side of her body, and she did that herself, so she is consciously stretching. Marianne, one of our favorite nurses, said that she had a good physical therapy session this morning, and is continuing to slowly improve. And perhaps most important, when I got here and started to chat, she said (lip reading here) "Don't talk. Scratch my head."

We're watching the LSU-Arkansas football game on TV, and the dialysis tech just arrived to set her up for a few hours of hemodialysis. Everything else is pretty much the same, normal temperature, good vitals, 400ml of urine per day, no odd cardiac events. Later in the day, Marianne is planning to put her in the neuro chair again for a trip to the window. I'm going to get some disposable washcloths, and wash her hair this afternoon. And try to tend some of the mounting backlog of "paperwork" sitting on my laptop, balance checkbooks, reply to emails, etc.

Someone sent her a very nice orchid that arrived yesterday, but the card was missing, so I have no idea who it came from. If you are on this list, can you please send me a note? Unfortunately, she can't have live plants in her room, so I brought it to the doorway and showed it to her, then took it home for our buddha altar.


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