Sunday, November 27, 2011

Physical therapy and football (day 32)

Another uneventful day. Thank god :-)

Today we had a few visitors, her sister and a friend from high school days. Her nurse has been pushing her to cough more, take deeper breaths, and build up more strength so she can talk with a valve on her trache tube. Apparently it takes effort to use the valve, and even though Nancy hasn't been able to use one so far, it should be possible for her.

She's also getting coaching to move her feet and hands, to start actively trying to strengthen and push her body. That's the direction towards recovery, and her neurologic function will improve as she uses what she has. I'm picking up some soft rubber balls on my way home, for her to exercise her hands with. If things continue to improve and stay boring, she should move out of the ICU this week.

We watched the Raiders beat Chicago, and again moisturized her hands and feet, something I should just do every time I visit.

Someone left a little collection of fresh vegetables on our doorstep today, and I'm not sure if they are for me or the buddha. So they're on the altar at the moment :-)


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