Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Learning to connect (day 28)

Hello, friends.

Yes, a full lunar month and we are still here. Much better off than a month ago, all things considered.

We had a very quiet, connected visit tonight, as Nancy's recovery proceeds slowly and steadily. We didn't really say much, I mostly just held her hand, and rubbed her shoulders and neck a bit. Some of my friends are very experienced with extended stays in the hospital, and have been giving me good council on how to be with Nancy, what some of her signals may mean. This is enabling me to connect with her really well, without any talking at all.

She did have two more short bradycardia events this morning, which has the entire medical team a bit puzzled. There is no apparent reason, nothing triggers them, but her blood pressure and pulse drop very low for a half-minute at a time. There are some ways that neurosurgery and/or massive infection can trigger this, by effecting the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the more automatic part of us that regulates heart rate. It could be temporary. So they are going to keep her in the ICU for at least a few more days.

One of my friends also pointed out how my last email sounded weary, and it's true. I am. I left work a little early today for the holiday, and I'm heading home early to bake a pie and go to bed early. I'm looking forward to three full nights of sleep this weekend. Tomorrow I'll be back midday, then I'll be having dinner with Nancy's family. Until then,


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